Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Easter and Emma Update

Abby had a great second Easter. Had to post the first two pictures taken of her last year about this time. I can't believe how much she has changed. Dear Gawd she was cute!!! Still is :)

She had her Easter party at school last Friday so we dressed for the occasion :)

Striking a pose :)

We colored our Easter eggs in Saturday night. (she was too little last year)

I just grit my teeth and let her go once the area was fully protected of course.

She had a great time :)

Grandma Meme made the ladybug drop cloth for us. Excellent gift and so handy!

The aftermath! Luckily it washed off.

The Easter bunny was here :)

Easter Morning :) She really didn't get the whole Easter bunny thing but hey fun loot is welcome anytime in her book :)

I'm a little sad that we never made it to the mall to visit the actual Easter bunny though.

It was pretty chilly for Easter this year. We had to rethink our attire. Originally had a sleeveless dress planned. You just never know around here. Below all ready and headed out for Easter Brunch.

Meema and Da's house. Boy the hat totally hid half of her face. Wish I had figured it out when I was taking pictures.

A little better :)

Running up to get Meema :)

Anyone home?
She loves her meema :)

Pretty girl.

Blowing bubbles after brunch :)

Here is princess Emma Rose on her first Easter. Little one will be 2 weeks old tomorrow. This special little girl continues to amaze us! She had her 2 week check up today and is back to her original birth weight. Her oxygen sats are 99% on room air and her lungs remain clear. She is also tolerating her feedings well. Her Mommy and Daddy and big brother Josh are also doing well and settling into a routine. Thank you each and everyone of you for sending out your prayers and good wishes for them all. Please keep them coming!!!!!!

Such a beautiful and delicate little princess. And so very loved!

Precious girl :)

Big Brother Joshua :) 100% ALL boy :)


Shari U said...

GO EMMA ROSE!!! That's awesome! Your Abby keeps getting cuter by the day.

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

LOVE the photos..
Abby sure has grown in a year..
Looks like she had tons of fun..
I am sooo HAPPY for Emma..
Way to fight girly..
Have a great week...

Debbie and Sam said...

I see that Abby got the strip down before the egg decorating began. We did the same thing! She has really grown so much. It looks like she had a fun day.

Briana's Mom said...

I think Abby had the best Easter ever! She is growing so much!

Emma Rose is a complete miracle! What a beautiful and strong little girl!

Lindsay said...

So glad and thankful to hear Emma Rose is doing well and her family are spending this precious time together.

How grown up Abby looks. Love her (new?) haircut and her Easter outfits. She certainly looks like she knows what she is doing with her egg decorating!

Mama Duck said...

Those are just terrific pictures--LOVE the dresses on Abby, and the egg decorating pictures. What a big girl she is! Glad to hear the good report on Emma Rose, too!

Abby's Mom said...

Good eye lindsey! She got a trim last week :)

Wendy said...

precious pictures! thanks for the update-you are all on our minds constantly. our hearts and prayers are with Emma Rose-such a precious pumpkin!

Anne said...

Miss Abby looks adorable, love the pic of her wearing shades:) Keeping sweet little Emma Rose in my thoughts and prayers.

Tiffany said...

Looks like it was a wonderful Easter. Emma Rose is beautiful. Thank you for sharing her inspiring story!


Ava Baby said...

Abby has grown so much- she is so adorable!! I'm glad to see baby Emma doing so well. She is a sweet little angel. Looks like you had a great Easter!

Deb said...

I love Abby's hair cut. Did you do it? ;-) She is getting so big. The baby you brought home from China is now a little girl. This is a good thing.

Sweetest Emma Rose, you are a constant reminder of what a miracle looks like. In the one picture it looks like the Easter Bunny is wispering special wishes to you.

Aunt Debbie

kris said...

My gosh Abby is just ADORABLE!!!! Her Easter outfits are the best- and I just can't believe how much she has grown up but she definitely has held onto her little girl cuteness for sure.

SO glad to hear how well Emma is doing- what a gift. I am continuing to pray for her~!

RamblingMother said...

cute cute pics. great update on your niece.

Shannon said...

My goodness, what a big girl can do! And she just gets cuter by the day, doesn't she?! I can't believe you even dyed eggs! You are very brave, Jenny!=)
Thinking of you, Emma Rose, and sending prayers your way.