Saturday, April 04, 2009

She is just amazing!

Look who got to come home today!!! This little one is such a fighter and today her Mommy and Daddy brought her home! She has continued to do well. She has a feeding tube in place for feedings. Now she doesn't have to work so hard and can save all of her energy for her family. She is still able to suck and they were even able to find a paci small enough for her. Little one weighs a little over 4 pounds. She has the most beautiful cornflower blue eyes and she likes to peak out at everyone :) Especially after she has just eaten.

Please continue to pray for sweet little Emma Rose and for her family. We don't know how long she will be with us but each day is a beautiful gift with memories to treasure.

Had to close with this picture of my sweet girl. She has been a little trooper over the last several days. I picked her up after work yesterday and we drove straight to the hospital. (about a 40 min drive) We were there well past her bedtime so she went to sleep quite late. Today we were out and about getting ready for Emma's home coming. She fell asleep right before we got to my brothers. I tried to put her to sleep in cousin Josh's crib but she woke up. She stayed happy the rest of the day while we waited for Emma to come home with her Mommy and Daddy. We stayed just long enough to say hi and give kisses then left so they could all get settled. Abby crashed hard and was asleep when we got home around 6:30. She rallied and ate dinner and is hanging there quite well. I anticipate an early bedtime tonight. Boy how I love my little girl.


Mama Duck said...

WOW! I am so grateful that Emma got to go home. I'm hoping that she'll continue to amaze everyone and defy the odds. What a little fighter! And Abby is doing so well...I know you have to be so proud! We'll keep praying.

PIPO said...

I, too, am so happy that Emma gets to experience being home with her family. What a gift that time is.

Abby is a champ. No doubt about it.

Lisa and Tate said...

Prayers for Emma Rose and your family. What a little fighter.

What a sweet gal Abba is. She must know how special this time is for you and Emma Rose's family.


Lindsay said...

So glad Emma has been able to come home with her mommy and daddy.

OziMum said...

Wow! She got to go home?!! Thats AMAZING! Will be praying for Emma Rose - such a beautiful tiny baby.

Dawn said...

Home sweet home for the little fighter. Emma is touching so many people. Sending more love your way.

Gosh, Abby looks so big!

Pug Mama said...

Bless Emma's heart - we will continue to pray!!!!!

kris said...

I'm so overdue catching up on blogs. Wanted you to know I will keep sweet little Emma Rose in my prayers. She is so precious. I am so glad she is home with her family.

Abby is a trooper, for sure. What a blessing all of you are.

Hugs to you guys. Your strength and love are truly an inspiration. Emma Rose's fighting spirit most of all :O)

daisy said...

Thank you Jenny for posting the pictures, we are anxious for more news up here in the North! Love, "the original aunt laurie

Shari U said...

I love the picture of teeny tiny Emma Rose in her car seat. I thought she was sitting in some kind of recliner! Also the baby shoes in the background are a good point of reference for seeing how tiny she really is. God bless Emma Rose and her parents and all those who love her.

Wendy said...

Wow-what an incredible miracle she is!!! And so beautiful! I can't imagine how you all must be doing-what a roller coaster! We continue to pray for you ALL.

I showed the boys the pictures and they asked who the "big girl" was. I said "You know-that's cousin Abby." And Ben says "Oh, no mom, that girl is too big to be Abby!"
He is right-she's getting big! :)

Please continue to keep us posted!