Thursday, April 23, 2009

Emma Update and Thank You **Updated***

Just added this sweet picture my Mom sent of Emma and Big brother Josh. :)

Thanks to everyone for your advice and encouraging supportive comments regarding the Daddy question. I have ordered several books on the subject too so that she will better understand our family situation. She hasn't brought the subject up since but I know we will revisit it again and I want to be ready.

Now for Emma Rose. She turns 3 weeks old today! She had her 3 week checkup yesterday. Little girl is up to 5.2 pounds and has grown 2 inches! Her vital signs remain perfect and her oxygen saturation was 100% on room air!!! Her lungs are also still clear. This little girl is simply amazing :) She might have a little viral infection as evidenced by some nasal drainage so please continue to send out your thoughts, prayers and good wishes for her. They are definitely helping as her parents and her family continue to be blessed with this precious gift of her and time.
**UPDATE** I just got off of the phone with my brother. The home health nurse heard some fluid in Emma's left lung this morning. She also thought she might be breathing a little harder. She was started on lasix (diuretic) today. I'm praying extra hard for her now.....


Lindsay said...

So glad to hear Emma is still doing so well. Thinking of you all.

FinsUp said...

That picture is so special. I blame you for making me tear up at work!

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Prayer out for Emma..
She is sooo cute..

Have a great evening..

Mary said...

Hi Jenny
I talked to your sister this morning and she gave me the update on Emma. My prayers go out to Emma and all of your family. The picture of Josh holding Emma's hand is beyond precious!


Dawn said...

Emma Rose is truly amazing...I know I say this every time! Happy belated birthday little girl. Love the photo.

PIPO said...

That photo is such a precious gift.

Emma is in my prayers.