Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Band aid mania

Abby loves band aids. She always has. She liked to stick them on her PJs when she first got home. Problem is band aids are like glue on clothing anyway. Impossible to get off. To this day I have to watch her close to make sure that she doesn't ruin any of her clothing. So anyways a half a box of band aids keeps her occupied for quite a while. So I keep several boxes on hand and when I need to do something without her help all I have to do is break out the band aids. Now all of a sudden they seem to be popping up every where.

The kitchen window,

sippy cup

Living room wall

Sliding door

Obviously this is her place of choice to place them. I will be taking this off in the near future so lately I have let her go to town. (Yikes now everyone knows I need to dust)

Yep she likes her band aids :)

A little messy after just being picked up from daycare.

How I do love this little girl!!!!


Mama Duck said...

That is too funny! How could you not love that girl with all of your heart?

Years from now, you'll find band-aids on things...

Debbie and Sam said...

From experience with a DD who has the same band-aid fetish, dollar tree band aids don't stick to well so they don't ruin anything.

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Love it..
Abba is sooooo beautiful..
Have a great week..

Sherry Mc said...

How come I don't see any on her? xo Meema

FinsUp said...

Ha! I was getting ready to say "get the bandaids from the dollar store", but Debbie beat me to it. Also, if you have avoided it so far, try to keep them off of stuffed animals. Giraffe still has the outline from an early "boo-boo" on his leg.

Shannon said...

Oh.my.goodness. =)