Thursday, June 11, 2009


Last weekend Abby and I had a play date with Mackenzie or Kenzie as Abby calls her. Kenzies brother and another one of my friends with her two sons met us at Nautic*us. The girls are buddies so I really only have shots of the two of them. It was also the museums 15Th anniversary so just a little busy that day but we still had fun :)

Looking out the window at the USS Wisconsin battleship.

Through the window

She definitely did not want to sit on the airplane.

Peek :)

I'm not sure who was captain and who was first mate? And yep! Kenzie had a wardrobe change

They had pirates walking around. "I scared of Pirates Mommy" is what she told me later that night.

Checking out the ......

Nurses sharks! There was actually a good 3 feet between the tank and the fence. It just looks closer. The guide told us that as long as the sharks stay close to each other they feel safe and are not hostile. They used to let people pet them but no longer because these sharks were getting ready to be released back into the wild.

Later we climbed aboard the USS Wisconsin and got to look around. I took advantage of the great photo opportunity.

Just plain cool! The history and what this ship has seen......

I love this one :)

And these two :)

And here she is with the fellas :)

So another cool place that has been here 15 years and yet I have never been there. Abby is really helping me branch out a little bit :)


Sherry Mc said...

Oh my goodness. Too awesome. Can't wait to print these out. xo's Meema

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

OMG.... LOVE the photos..
Abba is soooooo cute..
Have a great week..

Lindsay said...

I agree - you certainly end up seeing more of what is on offer once you have a child in tow!

Love Abbie's sailor dress :)

Anne said...

Oh, how cute is she in her little sailor dress and red shoes! Great pictures!

Briana's Mom said...

What a fun time! Abby's dress is so adorable!

FinsUp said...

Those are the cutest dresses!

Kris said...


Karen said...

Great pictures! Love the dress... it is perfect!

Anonymous said...

Jen-- CUUUUTE! I may have to snag a few of these for my blog! (Hope you dont mind!) :)

Love and miss you both--
jen and jain

RamblingMother said...

She is so cute in her sailor dress. Love the pudding pics too.