Saturday, June 03, 2006

Last Call For Quilt Squares

Okay Folks, This is absolutely my last call for quilt squares. You know who you are..... I will be sending them off at the end of next week to have Abby's 100 Good Wishes Quilt made. So unless I hear from somebody that really meant to send us a square and wants to be included this is it. I would also really like to thank everybody that sent us a square!!! The enthusiasm I have been met with while working on this project has been awesome. I promise to post a photo of the finished product as soon as It is done. Thanks Again :D


Ruby Cate said...

Ruby, Bear & I can't WAIT to see our square on your finished quilt for Abby! IT'S GONNA BE SO CUTE!!! =) She's one lucky little girl, and you're one fabulously lucky Mommy. =)


-Amy & Ruby Cate & Bear

Shannon S said...

Hope you finally got those final quilt squares. I just had to send out a snail mail letter to "gently remind" those near and dear to our hearts...weird how that works. Don't they know you *might* get your referral as soon as December?!