Saturday, June 17, 2006

New Car???

I have been thinking about buying a new car. Currently I drive a 2000 Volkswagen New Beetle. It is a great car, only has 44,000 miles on it, gets great gas mileage, and best of all it's paid for. As far as space goes "not so much!" On days that I have my niece and nephew with me (plus all of their stuff) we are pretty packed in. The trunk is also pretty small and I'm not sure it will be able to accommodate a stroller. Plus I would like a car that would hold them, myself, and Abby. The VW only seats two in the back. My nephew will be 10 when I get Abby so he may be big enough to sit in the front by then although he is also Mr Safety and may not want to take the chance. Anyone out there drive or know somebody that drives a VW with kids? If so how is it working for them? The two cars I am considering buying are the Toyota Prius (above) and the Toyota Matrix (below). Both seem pretty roomy with decent size trunks. My biggest dilemma though is deciding if it is really in my best interest to take on a car payment when I really need to be saving money? My plan was not to buy the car until right before I go to China for Abby thus holding off on the additional bill until the last second possible. But maybe I should wait until we get back. First seeing how things go without the car payment? I just don't know but unfortunately it looks like I have plenty of time to think about it.


Joannah said...

Toyota is a good choice. My BIL is a manager with TABC, a manufacturing division of Toyota. The entire extended family now drives Toyotas or Lexuses. I have a Highlander, and I really love it. My BIL has had two Priuses and I have driven one of them to Vegas. I really liked that car, and I thought it was surprisingly roomy for a small car.

Can't tell you what to do from a financial standpoint, but when it's time to purchase a new car, I really think Toyota is a smart purchase!

Made in China said...

Hi Jenny! Thanks for the socks!
For the car, I would wait. For sure a car seat would fit and probably the stroller somehow. Unless you have your nephew every day. You have a car that's paid off, save your cash! After a few months home you might decide it's time for a new car.

Anonymous said...

Since February Uncle Terry bought a Toyota Camry, I bought a Toyota Corolla and Todd JUST bought a Toyota Rav4 (172 miles on it). Start putting the car payment in a separate fund (can only be used for the car). With the VW bug paid off and the extra cash put aside, your car payment may not be that big. Uncle Terry gets 34-38 miles/gallon and it is VERY spacious and comfortable. Todd is expecting close to 30 miles/gallon and I get 32-35 (mostly city driving). Uncle Terry put over a 1/4 MILLION miles on his Tacoma and 175,000 on the Tundra and got a GREAT trade value. He's already got 12,000 miles on a 5 month old car. He's driving ALL the time. Definitely a Toyota - GREAT safety record to boot.

Always thinking about you. I drink my morning coffee and read your blog daily.


Mommy-To-Channing said...

Hi Jenny,
Thought I would give you my 2 cents!! I had an Alero with 2 doors and was a real pain in the butt to get my nephew in and out. I researched cars and ended up just buying a Pontiac Vibe. It is a twin to the Matrix and even built in the same factory. I absolutely LOVE the room. Lots of room for my dog, carseat and stroller. For WHEN to buy the car, I couldnt wait until I got home from China, so I have it already & loving it!!! GOOD LUCK!!!

Eliza2006 said...

I just got a corolla last year. I love the car, but the major downfall is the car payment for 4 more years. I kind of wish I would have just stuck with my previous car without a car payment.