Monday, October 29, 2007

On pins and needles

I'm still waiting for more substantial rumors. I hope we hear something more definite soon! Thank you for all of your encouraging comments too. I am seeing some new commenter's too :) HI and WELCOME! I seem to be getting a little bit more excited each day. It is also feeling more real. This is finally going to happen and soon :)
For those of you that have gone before me............ I have a question. What shots did you get before you went? I have the hep B already for work. Also got the flu shot too. Any others?? The CDC site recommends quite a few scary ones but my brother in law (My doctor) tells me China is really not considered a 3rd world country so I will probably not need a lot of them. I went to the Health Department today and I have to set up an appointment. They also said that some of the shots are pricey. I wonder if insurance will cover these? I am going to quiz the ID Docs at work too. In the mean time though what if any shots did you all get???


Shannon said...

This is sooooo exciting! =)

Debz said...

Girl you are doing great, hold on tight this ride is going to be a thrill of a lifetime, and I can't wait to ride on your shirttails all the way!
We got our shots and my husband has a great plan but it wouldn't cover our shots....lets see what did we get...(the travel clinic will access you and tell you what you will need for the time of year it is when you travel) we got our TD Polio,twinrix #1,2,3 and Typherix. I think before we go we have to have either a second Typherix or TD Polio, they told me but I forget.

kris said...

Hep A for any 3rd world country. I hadn't had the Hep B in so long I just did the Twin Rx (Hep A and B together). A lot of people get NO shots. Oh, and be up to date on Tetanus.

Journey to Mia said...

keeping my fingers crossed for you!!!!!!!

Stephe said...

Hey, lots of people don't get shots but that's a bit scary for me. I got my 3 series Hep B shots and my Hep A already. Just finished up two weeks ago. Plus, I get the flu shot every year.

My insurance wouldn't cover any of these and the travel clinic was pricy. I found a county health department and they were very inexpensive. $35 a shot. Can't beat that.

That's all I'm getting...nothing else. My best friend that is traveling with me...her doc recommended the same as what I got.


Suzie said...

I truly hope you get to see your daughter's face this week!! I love referral time - I get to live vicariously through all of those that get to go before me. You'll be in my prayers!

Suzie in FL
LID 9/4/2006

Carol and Taylor said...

This is getting so exciting...any idea when the new "is supposed" to come out? BTW, I'm one of those people who got no shots. Lucky for me, it wasn't an issue.

amy said...

I always learn so much from your commenters..Come on good rumors

Colleen said...

OMG! You must be OUT OF YOUR MIND!!! SOOOO excited for you.

We did both Hep shots. (series of them spread over a few months) and I got a tetanus booster. You don't need anything else. But bring medicine for everything you can imagine.

Catherine said... excited for you!

The only shots I've had so far are the Hep A & B Twinrix shots. A travel clinic will hopefully help you out.

Will it make a difference what province(s) you go to?

chloesmama said...

The only shots we got were Hep A, Hep B, and Tetanus boosters...we were in Guangzhou the whole time. :)

Mom of 5 said...

All I got (besides the standard nurse ones I have...) was the Hep A-
I am so excited for you !

Two under two said...

I am sooo happy for you! I have been reading your blog for a few months, and I am rooting for you the get your great news!

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

We have already got the HEP.A&B and Tetanus...
Those are the only ones that our doctor had us get...
And our insurance paid for them..
I am getting soooo excited for you too..
I have this wonderful feeling that you are in...Can't wait to see ABBY'S face..
I am sure you are going crazy..
I would be out of my mind..
Let the speed up begin..

Steffie B. said...

I am keeping my fingers crossed for you! ;) And we also did Hep A

Anonymous said...

I am so excited. I cannot wait to see Abby's face. Though the journey to Abby has been long mixed with turbulent, surreal and glorious moments.

I'm looking forward to the next chapter - Life with Miss Abby.

Aunt Debbie

Donna said...

I'm getting so excited for won't be long now!

When I went to China in 2002, I just got a tetanus booster and the HepA/HepB shots. I know some people got a polio booster, but I didn't. It may depend on where in China you end up going...

Made in China said...

We didn't get any shots at all. Remember you are staying in nice hotels and visiting by tourbus - it's not like you are going bushwhacking!
We bought some brandy at the Duty Free and took 1 shot every night (my kinda shot). We also used plenty of Airborne before and during flights. Hope that helps.
So excited for you!!!!


Elisa, Jarrod, Thomas & Zoe said...

Just got the hepA and hepB.

I am checking RQ and thinking of you lots.


Sophie's Mom said...

We didn't get any shots. We stayed in 5 star hotels, and didn't feel all the 'precautions' were necessary.

We had no problems.

Have a great trip!