Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sesame Day 2

Thankfully Sunday was a much nicer day. Warm (mid 80's) and sunny verses the 60's-low 70's rainy breezy Friday and Saturday we had. We all decided to stay one more night :) The girls headed out pulling their diaper bags/ back packs :)

Blurry but boy the slide was a hit :)

Love LOVE this picture of Merle and Abby 1 and Abby 2 :)

Dorothy :)

Sesame Street in many different languages. We were trying to figure out which one was in Chinese. Our best guess was the one under the lion?

Another good one of Merle and the girls.

Meeting Elmo and Abby Kadabby (SP?)

Cute stuff :)
No character pictures with Abby 2 that day. She was keeping her distance :)

After their first water ride.

The girls were fascinated but only from a distance :)

Water play and jumping :) Does it get any better?

Happy Abby 2 :)

Love the wagon!

That would be Merle taking my Abby to ride the Grover coaster! She wanted too?

It was a very short ride and their were kids smaller than her riding but OMG!

Very blurry but there they are at the end 3rd car back. Merle said she didn't cry but she kind of moaned at the end. He held her tight the whole ride though.

My attempt to catch her as she ran back to me once the ride was done failed but she was smiling! She said it was fun but NO she didn't want to ride it again

And that was Sesame Place. Most of my pictures were not that great but we did get some cute ones. All in all I would say our first theme park experience was a success :) Our first post China reunion was AWESOME!!!! We can't wait to spend time with Merle and Cathy and Abby 2 again. I wish Kentucky and Virginia were a little closer :(


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

LOVE the photos..
Looks like TONS of fun..
Have a great week..

Sherry Mc said...

Nice try, but I believe the wording under the lion was arabic. But what a fun time was had by all. Got to start working on the next reunion. xo Mom