Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Sesame Place Day 1 continued

She loved this ride! Very similar to the Dumbo ride at Disney.

Cathy with Abby 1 and Abby 2.

Riding the Worm with Abby 2 and her Mommie and Baba. I sat this one out. I would of hurled for sure. Abby loved it. She rode it several times.

My girl is a ride girl :) Unfortunately anything that spins in more then one direction at the same time are a NO NO for me :(

Meeting Big Bird. She was facinated :)

Love it!

Meeting Elmo!

Riding the ballons! Yep another hurler ride for Mommy. Abby of course loved it.

The ride spins and so do the balloon baskets. More than one spin at the same time too much for me. Check out the roller coaster in the backround. Yep she rode that too.

Climbing the mountain.


Watching the Abby Kadabby Show (In the rain)

This was too cool! It had diapers, wipes, swimmies, pacies, meds you name the baby supply and it was in there.

This ride was kind of like the Tower of Terror ride at MGM. I did not let my Abby ride it. I don't think she would have liked it and they didn't stop the ride for crying kids either. Abby 2 loved it though.

Getting ready to nap after a big melt down. My girl likes her schedule and her naps. She was much better later after a power nap

See! All better. Of course dinner topped off with an Elmo cupcake helped too :)

Elmo had a bite too.

Abby 2 planning her attack :)

Heading for the parade. Yep Abby 2 is still working on her cup cake :)

Abby doing her Happy Dance :)

It's starting. Abby's first Parade :)

My battery was going in my camera so the parade pictures are a little rough. Abby really loved the parade though :)

To be continued.....


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Looks like you had tons of fun..
LOVE the photos..
Have a great week..

Lindsay said...

Big Bird must be getting old - I don't remember him having white hair/feathers in the dim and distant past :)

Looks like you had really busy time. I'm with Abby on the benefit of power naps!

Love the photos. Sounds like you had a brilliant time.