Sunday, October 04, 2009

To Sesame Place We Go

Been meaning to post our Sesame Place Trip pictures for a bit now. Sesame is roughly 6 hrs away for us. We left after work (Thursday) 5:00ish. I planned to drive straight through. That nasty little coastal low was right over us and moving north east. Heavy rains and winds. When we hit the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel I swear it was like a mini hurricane. The bridge/ tunnel is super long. They even have a little restaurant/ gift shop in the middle (it's that long) of it. I decided to stop there and take some pictures. There were plenty others out there with us doing the same thing. My pictures don't do it justice. It was much nastier then the pictures show.

Then we were back on out way. Check out the princess watching DVDs as her chariot drove :)

And yes! Finally a GPS! Awesome little booger!!!! Got us there with no trouble at all! We did end up stopping for the night in Delaware instead of driving all the way. I was getting nervous driving in the dark and heavy rains. I have a hard time seeing the lines.
The next day (Friday) we met up with M and K and of course Abby 2 at the New Jersey Aquarium. It was about 25 miles away from out place in Pennsylvania by Sesame. The girls were shy at first but warmed up quickly.

This was Abby and Mommy's first aquarium experience. Very cool.

M bought the girls ice cream cones :)

Checking out the Hippo's. You can't see them cuz my camera battery was shot resulting in some pretty dark pictures.

Can you see the sea horses?

The girls were climbing up the circle and sliding down. Too cute :)

Star fish and octopus legs. He didn't want to come down.

I have no idea what the name of this bridge is.

Philadelphia across the water.

Still rainy. That low came right with us.

Tattoo fun with K.
One tired little girl. (Sesame Place pictures next post)


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Great little vacation..
Love the photos..
Have a great Sunday..
LOVE those pink shoes..

Sherry Mc said...

They are two beautiful little ones. I know a fun time was had by all!

Lindsay said...

Love your photos - well, except the crab one, which freaked me out! Too much like spiders.

What nasty weather you had for your drive. I'd have pulled over for the night too. Driving with your child in the car just makes you that much more cautious I think.

Looking forward to hearing about the rest of your trip.

erin said...

looks so fun. cant wait to see you on sat

love sisy