Thursday, October 01, 2009

October already?

How can it be? Summer just flew by and Abby and I are loving the cooler temps! I love Fall and little Missy definitely has the fall spirit. She was so excited when I got out our Halloween decorations. She is ready for Halloween. She is going to be a black kitty cat and wears her tail and ears every chance she gets.

Abby is doing well. Her third Birthday will be here next Month! We have been talking up the Papa (paci) fairy big time. I really think she gets it. She is starting to forget about it sometimes and willingly leaves it behind when I ask her to. Hopefully she will do okay. Anyone have any suggestions on a replacement bedtime comfort item? Specifically something she can hold in her hand? She always sleeps with a Paci in her hand and one in her mouth.

This time continues to be a fun age. She says the funniest things. Her imagination is amazing! Her vocabulary is very impressive. She continues to love to jump, climb,pedal and swing :) She loves books, puzzels, crafts, music, dancing and her babies. Dora, Little Einstein and Kai Lan are big around here too. She is sleeping fairly well. Yes she does test me and or sass me at times but it is usually manageable. Best of all I get to hear I love you Mommy all of the time now :)

Unfortunately she has Zero interest in using the potty. We are working on it. She has even worn panties to school on occasion but still won't use the potty. She either holds it until nap time when they put a pull up on her or she has an accident. I would say half of her class are actually potty trained so she has exposure. Her teachers put everyone on the potty often as well potty trained or not. We have books and videos. I have tried bribes and treats. She doesn't seem ready. I don't want to push to hard and make it a negative experience either. Sometimes she cries when I make her try.... So we take a break then try again after a few days....

In other news... We hope to be moving soon. The condo goes up for sale soon. We have out grown it and I really want a yard for her. Not to mention I would also like to be closer to my Mom for a little help here and there. Single Mommy hood is hard and kicks my butt sometimes. I love her so much and definitely don't regret it but I need to work on some ME time too. I seem to have lost myself somewhere along the way... My focus has been 100% Abby (as it should be) but I need to be part of the pie too. I'm working on that.

We have been going through all of her Fall/ Winter stuff. Seeing what still fits etc... A lot of her 2T stuff from last year still fits. People tell me she looks tall in pictures but she really is still pretty little. She can still wear 18-24 month size in some brands. Between what I saved in hopes it might still fit and the 3T stuff we had stored away she is set. I heard on the news this morning that this may be the coldest winter in a while. Something to do with EL Nino? I'm hoping for some snow this year :0

I just love my silly Girl!!!!!!!!


Proud Parents of Halainah Grace said...

Nice to meet you! I am so glad I found your blog via, Tell Her This. I have a Jiangxi girl too! And we traveled a year after you. Gotcha day was January 4th and we arrived home January 15, 2009. My daughter Halainah will be 2 next month, November 16th. Our girls seem to have a lot in common :) I thought about starting potty training at 2 years of age. But honestly, I don't think Halainah will understand the concept. I enjoyed reading your blog and am now following.
Many Blessings,

Lindsay said...

Love your cute Abba photos, especially the last one with her great big smile.

Good luck with selling and moving: hope it goes swiftly and smoothly for you.

I can't believe it is Abby's 3rd birthday already. Wow. Your ahead of us with losing the paci. Hannah still wants hers at night and cant get off to sleep without it. Have you thought of taking her shopping and letting her choose a toy to cuddle instead of holding her paci? Maybe if she chooses it herself she will happy to make the exchange.

Best wishes.

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

LOVE the photos..
Sounds like things are going well..
hope you get some snow so Abby can play in it.
Good luck on the sale..
I wish we could move but the older kids don't want to switch schools..
So we will wait..
have a great weekend..

erin said...

she lloks sooooooooooooooo cute in thoose panda bear hat and gloves.cant wait to see you and abby
xoxoxoxoxoxo cousine erin

Ava Baby said...

Adorable! Wish it was getting cooler around here- still in the 90's.

Ava Baby said...

Adorable! Wish it was getting cooler around here- still in the 90's.

Lisa (Briana's Mom) said...

Love the hat and mittens - too adorable!

Bri is still in 2T pants at three years old. I'm holding on to the 3T pants until next year.

How is Abby almost 3?! Where has the time gone?

Don't worry about the potty training. Just keep revisiting it every so often and I'm sure it will click for her soon!

Connie and Family said...

We also have a Jiangxi girl...our family day was 2/9/09. Our daughter Elena will be 18 months on Tuesday...The pictures from NJ & PA trips are great - you were actually right in our area - we are from DE and thought about taking Elena to SP but thought she was just a bit too young. I LOVED the panda mittens and hat - the panda seems to be Elena's favorite animal after her dogdogs that is...