Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

Little Miss working on her "Puter" shortly before we left for the pumpkin patch:)
With Halloween just around the corner it was time to head over to the pumkin patch. Sissy joined us at the last minute :) After an hour and a half of looking for the place we finally found it.

It was a cool overcast day. I was still fighting the crud so most of the pictures that day were blurry. I love this first one. I wanted her to stand closer to the goat. Abby in turn thought that was a silly idea and had no part of it (love her expression).

Wacing at the Lama, No pictures of him though. Poor thing was super stressed with all of the people looking at him. They finally put him back in the barn.

A stick! She loves them.

Getting ready to enter the corn maze. She wasn't to sure at first but liked it once we got going.

OOOPS! Lost her shoe.

Checking out the pumkins.

Got one and it's heavy!

They had tractor hay rides too :)

Trying her best to get a pumpkin off the vine

Couldn't get it.

The pumpkin we brought home. Thanks for making Abby's day Sissy and coming with us!


laurie said...

so cute!! i still have last yrs pumkin patch pics. my how they have both grown!

Sherry Mc said...

I never thought about pumpkins being green first! Thanks for educating me Abby. It looked like a watermelon. Memorize those directions so you can find it next year, or maybe gps will have it mapped by then. xo's mom

Eliza2006 said...

Abby's sweater is sooo cute! Hope you had a Happy Halloween!