Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Day :)

Christmas with my Abba was a lot of fun. She woke me at about 8:20 AM :) then I came out first and turned on the lights, Christmas music, ETC. As evidenced by below she was pretty excited to come out and see if Santa came :)

Amazed :)

Loved her doll house :)

Elmo TV (is what she calls her Elmo movies)

More mega blocks!!!

A baby with a bathtub!!

Wow! Look at my stocking :)

Once we had breakfast and played for a while, I got her ready then myself.

Then on to Meema and Da's. Where her own little kitchen was waiting for her :)

my own puppy and he is bigger then me :)

Cousin Josh :)

Loving my puppy. He is super soft!

Everyone was so generous this year!

Later Da tried to sneak a nap in his study. Little miss decided it was time for him to get up when she found him.

Loving Uncle Pete.

Just having an all around fun day!

Sleepy baby Josh!

Sleepy Abba! NOT :

Just resting her eyes. :)

So we had a nice laid back Christmas this year. I enjoyed it and I know little girl did too. Boy it came fast tho. Below is our Christmas card this year, Yikes! I haven't even mailed it out yet. We kept low this weekend too. Abby is still very congested and her nose is like a faucet. I feel bad sending her to school (day care tomorrow) but she isn't acting like she feels bad, Everyone else there has a runny nose too. We took a 3 hour plus nap this afternoon. Didn't wake up until 6:00 PM! So now it's after 9 and I have a very wide awake little girl. Hopefully I will have her down by 10:00 (fingers crossed). I think the nap did us both good tho.

Finally a little video of My Abba Christmas morning. (sorry it's sideways) And a big shout out to My Cousins Sarah and Kevin on the arrival of Miss Caroline and To cousins Wendy and Patrick plus Ben and Josh on the arrival of Miss Grace :0 And also to Shannon who is home safe and sound with Ellie :)


Sarah S-D said...

thanks, jenny!

and remember, there are 12 days of Christmas... so still time to send the card... and at least you have yours made!

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Looks like a WONDERFUL Christmas..
Love all of Abby's gifts..
She is soooo cute..
Have a Great New Years..
Love your Christmas card..

Lindsay said...

Love your Christmas pictures.

And is there a day care in the world where there is not a runny nose in residence??!!

Beverly said...


Sherry Mc said...

What a great Christmas. Would never have been the same without the little ones. We are blessed. You are such a wonderful momma for Abby. xo's Mom

Anne said...

Such sweet pictures, what a happy girl!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Anne & Elizabeth

Debbie and Sam said...

Your christmas card is really cute. You should share where you had it made. Your christmas morning looked like ours with the same doll house and clippos. We love them too!