Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Begining to look alot like Christmas :)

I think Abby is starting to get it now :) We have been busy, busy, busy! I try to fit in Christmas activities when we can. I took her through our local light show the other night. The city park lights the park up with tons of lights then you drive through. I wish I could have video taped the moment. She was just in awe. Kept saying, "Look Mama! Mismastree lights!" and, "WOOOOOW!" If you ask her what Santa is going to bring her, she will say, Toys." :)

Yep! She still has her paci. I was thinking of telling her that Santa wanted it in exchange for her presents but I don't want her thinking of him as the guy that took away her Paci's. No flames please either. I'm waiting just a little longer to allow her conversation skills to broaden. Then I hope to be able to reason and or bargain with her. And let's face it. She won't have it when she is off to college.

I have had a lot of fun dressing her in all of the Christmas outfits that I have collected through out the long wait. Here you can see she was less then thrilled at my Kodak moment.

This dress was the first Christmas dress I ever bought for her. I love it. Don't know where she will wear it though. Being that it's white, it will probably be trashed shortly after wearing it. I tried my own little photo shoot since I don't think we are going to have time for the Pictu*re People this Christmas. She was semi cooperative during my efforts.

Love this one :)

And this one :)

And this is how she let me know that we were done :)

None to pleased to see that camera pointing at her again.

Putting on her shoes :)

Meema got her the Fish*er Price nativity set. She loves it as evidenced by the pictures below.

Thank you Meema. We always had our own nativity sets to play with when we were growing up. I'm glad to continue the tradition.


Sherry Mc said...

Picture people could not have done as well as you did. They are all great. Let's see more of the red skirt = like full length. Hugs Mom

Lindsay said...

Lovely pictures by the tree. Beautiful dress - such gorgeous embroidery on the collar.

Hannah still has her paci too. She's getting better about not having it except at bed time but still likes it when she is tired, especially in the car. Other folk seem to have more of a problem with her having it than I do!

Briana's Mom said...

Awww! Abby is adorable! Love ALL the photos!!

kris said...

love all her dresses she is so adorable!

Stephe said...

I just ADORE the 7th and 12th photos! They are close ups! My she is so BEAUTIFUL!!!

Lisa said...

My goodness she could be a little ladybug in that adorable skirt. What a wonderful Christmas you'll have indeed.

Beverly said...

Oh don't take her paci away! she is too cute with it!!

Eliza2006 said...

Don't worry about the paci...you're right, she won't be using it in High School! Eliza still has a bottle in the morning...and I couldn't care less! Very cute pics! Abba is a beautiful girl!


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

LOVE the pictures..
I love the dress..
Looks like she loved her picture taken for a little while..
I want that nativity set sooo bad..
I wish I could find one..

Debbie and Sam said...

We took E! to the city park as well. I was suprised how attentive she was too. I figured 5 minutes but she wanted to go for round 2. We had about the same experience trying to take pretty pictures in collected dresses by the tree.UGH!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Pictures...

If/When you are ready to get rid of the paci.. my daughter had it til she was almost 3 ~ I couldn't bear to take it away.. but what i did (as much for me as her!) I clipped the end off.. so she could still use it but I would slowly clip off more until there was nothing there. It worked great no tears - no weak mama (me) and if I found one random one, I just immediately clipped it off... eventually she just said it was broken and put it down... Just an idea... No judging! I promise! Happy Holidays!