Tuesday, December 09, 2008

More Mismas tree fun for Abba

Abby is just loving our tree. She gets up each morning and say's mismas tree lights on please Mama. I love it. The weather is being it's usual craziness. We had a high of 40 that day (last Sunday) and the wind kicked the wind chill way down. Tomorrow (Wed) it's for casted to be 70 before a front comes in and drops the temps down again. Anyhoo, I bundled my Abba up in her fleece for the ride over to Meema's tree decorating. I bought this fleece for her to wear in China. The clothing police would have loved it. The sleeves and feet flip up and down to cover her hands and feet plus it has a hood. Too bad it and the rest of my luggage never made it to China! That reminds me. As our one year anniversary is next month, I still need to write that heated letter to United. They owe me at least a voucher or something for all of the stress they put me through on my trip of a life time. Let's also not forget that not only did United managed to lose my luggage both on the way too China but United also managed to lose my newly purchased (in China) luggage on the way back.
I got the hat at Tar*get. It's nice and warm too.

Playing with mismas tree beads at Meemas.

Abba loves her Da :)

She put the very first ornament on too :)

Uncle Pete, Aunt Annetta and Cousin Josh. Shhhhh! Don't tell Uncle Pete that Dallas lost :(

Oh man! Busted again! What's a little person have to do to reach the tree?

I'm so excited! I have the day off tomorrow since it's my turn to work this weekend. ( we have to take turns so it works out to be every couple of months) Little Miss will be going to school :) Me! I am going to try and get my Christmas shopping done. Except for Abby's gifts, I haven't bought anyone Else's. I'm also getting my hair cut and highlighted tomorrow. And if I really do well maybe I will be able to clean out my rats nest of a car.


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

LOVE the pictures..
Looks like you have had fun....
LOVE the tree pictures..
Love seeing Mismas through little ones eyes..
Have fun shopping ,hair and whatever else you do tomorrow..
Hugs girly..

Anne said...

Have a great day tomorrow, work days off when Day Care is open are like gold!

PIPO said...

I am so glad Abby is having such Christmas fun...and mama too.

Heh, isn't it a hoot when the things we get excited about are a day off that includes cleaning a 'rat's nest' car? I'm right behind you and I'll be kicking up my heels while peeling cheerios off my car seats :0)

Beverly said...

isn't it nice to get over the daycare guilt and sneak days away just for you!! glad you will have some "me time." Abby is adorable. Did you ever get your luggage or anything back from United?

Abby's Mom said...

Yep did get my lost luggage back way after I got home!

fuzzandfuzzlet said...

Hey, watch what you say about Dallas losing, some of us are still in denial.

Anonymous said...

Jenny, those are GREAT pictures! Abby's first Christmas.

Miss you all.

Aunt Debbie

Shannon said...

Has it really almost been a year since you and Abby were united? Christmas will always bring such lovely memories of our girls! =)