Sunday, December 07, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree

We finally have our tree up or mismas tree as Abby calls it. I had it in my mind this year to use the old fashioned type bulbs. I found them at Kma#t. I wasn't sure if I liked them after they were up or not but they grew on me. It's also the first time I have used a real and full sized tree in a while but Now that Abby is here I did. We found our tree at Farmfr#sh for 30 bucks. It's pretty too. I meant to take a picture of it riding shotgun in the front seat of my bug but forgot. The first picture is of Abby's reaction to seeing the lights on for the first time. I put them on and lighted them while she was in the bath. She was impressed :)

Then I got her PJ's on her.

The finished product. It's a little sparse with mainly only unbreakable ornaments this year but she loves it anyway. (I did put a few special ones at the top).

Abba's own mismas tree. For someone who really showed very little interest in putting the ornaments on she really loves to touch and take them off. I thought having her own tree would help. HMMMM not so much :)

Were off in a little while to help decorate Meema and Da's mismas tree. We won't stay late tho cuz we both have snotty colds.


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

LOVE the pictures..
Looks like you had LOTS of fun..
Love the ornaments..
Have a Great Time decorating.

Kelley said...

I love that little naked picture--those are the best! Also, I'm loving those old fashioned lights. I may have a trip to the store in my future so that I can acquire some...

PIPO said...

Merry Mismas to you both!

Beverly said...

love her excitment.

Lindsay said...

Abby looks gorgeous!

I'm totally following your lead and getting Hannah her own tree. What started as a nicely decorated tree is now pretty bare up to about 3ft high, with everything clumped around 2 branches!

HOW do folk get their kids to not touch?

Happy Mismas!

Sherry Mc said...

OK Guys, Abby's meema here. The key is Christmas trees are for little ones! You decorate as high as they can reach with ornaments that they can remove and replace at will. Put the special ones up high. It won't be that long before they are past this stage but they will long remember the ornaments on their "first" trees. Hoping for a special Christmas for all of you. Meema

OziMum said...

So cute! Maybe you can have a rule about taking ornaments off her OWN tree... but not the big tree?!


Briana's Mom said...

She looks so cute in front of her tree! Love the tree!

Shannon said...

We're here!Just waiting for them to bringher to the room. So exciting! More soon.