Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Abby meets Grandad and Meme L.

Grandad and Meme L. came down from Tampa Florida to meet their Newest Grandchild. Mutual adoration was immediately noted. Abby warmed right up immediately :)

There was some major loving going on :)

We took Grandad and Meme to visit Auntie Laurie's store. Abby had a ball reorganizing the merchendise to her liking.

Grandad and Meme also helped me by adding some much needed storage to my increasingly tiny condo.

OOPS! Grandad got a little too agressive with the drill. Currently we have a ladybug covering up the damage :)

Below I had to add this video. I had bought one of those soft rings to go around my coffe table and it was to big. I went back and got the smaller one and as you can see they made it fit :) Thanks Grandad and Meme it was a wonderful but too quick of a visit! Thank you also for all of your handy fixits that you did for me :) Awesome job! Also Thanks to Aunti Laurie, My personal "handy girl".


Isabella's Mommy & Daddy(Kim & John) said...

How fun....
Looks like Grandad and Meme L had a wonderful time..
Your sisters store looks like it has some really cute things in it..
And the little outfit that Abby has on is sooooo adorable..

Special K said...

Abby just gets cuter every day.

And I'm thinking your sister may kill you when she sees her butt on the world wibe web! LOL!

Abby's Mom said...

No worries, That is actually not Auntie L's crack showing in the video. It is a tatoo :)