Thursday, January 10, 2008

Update on Jen and Me

Hi blog buddies. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your kind words, support, & prayers. Last night was rough, so after the DR this morning i've pretty much been asleep. Appointment went well. He thinks it's going to be fine and that the nerve endings will come back (i'm sure that's not the correct medical terminology). still numb in some areas. Said to watch for graying of the skin (tissue death). I thing it's graying, but that could just be because it's been exposed to air today where we had it all bandaged up. i'll get my freebie opinion when hubby get's home. All right no more about me (but again Thank you!!) this is my beautiful niece abby's blog!!! Now...a word from the new mom in china...

Update bullets

I am so very tired! The trip is rush rush, poor babies I don't know how they hang in there as well as they do! I have a sore throat, not sure if I am catching something (All the double dipping with the chopsticks) or it is just the smog, I took NyQuil and airborn tonight. I swear there is smoke smell coming thru the vents and this is a non smoking floor although I found an ashtray in the desk??? Abby except for a little runny nose is fine!

OMG she is so adorable, she giggles and cracks her self up constantly. It is amazing how quickly she has progressed, On gottcha day she could not go from a laying to sitting position and barely crawled. She is crawling, cruising on furniture, sitting up unaided, trying to go from a down position to standing. She can do it when she has something to pull up on. Today she started letting go and standing on her own. She looks so cute with her little arms stretched out to the sides for balance. I bet she will walk before we get home. She loves to walk when holding my fingers. I put her on the scale dressed and she weighs around 20 21 pounds. My girl is eating and pooping great! Her diaper rash is almost gone, Butt Paste rocks! She woke up 3 times last night. tonight i had to pack so after her bath i moved the crib over in the door alcove so she would be less disturbed. This hotel is noisy, she kept waking up so I put her in my bed. I am typing now in the dark so extra typos for sure! I will finish packing tom, we don't have to be out of the room till 1pm, flight leaves at 3pm for Guanjo (SP) 1 hr flight. Sat am medical appoint. Consulate appt on wed then we fly home that day. I am hoping things will be more relaxed with more down time.

Today we went to the Nanchang Pavillion. Gorgeous! Saw to wedding couples getting pictures done. They evidently rent a dress and get pictures done before they are married then buy a actual dress for the wedding day. I bought a lot of little things for A for gotcha day gift from her province. We also went to a book store where I got some cool bilingual books for abby. Also went to a music store so B(Travel mate) Could get an instrument. I forgot what u call it.

Yesterday we went to a museum made for a famous painter in Nanchang. Forgot his name, also went to a porcelain shop, Jiangxi is known for their porcelain. Bought some things for A. Then back to walmart where I bought luggage! It is now day 8 and still no luggage! This is so inappropriate! Guess u can see in the photos how pretty i look. No hair straightner. I tell you to bring the bare minimum! You really can find everything here although I am getting tired of the same 3 shirts and pants!!! Also poor Abby, I have 7 outfits for her and 2 pairs pjs, but it is hard cuz she wears her pjs as the1st layer then 2 outfits. I sent everything to the laundry so only had A pjs and 1 outfit to put her in. I was busted several times by the clothing police.

was too tired to post last nite. Skipped the visit to the tea house, Mom and H said it was great

Uncle H got on the horn and made some noise. Now united says both my bags are in Chicago (Ha vent we heard that before???) Say they will try to get them to Guanzeou (SP) ???? This totally sucks! I am at my breaking point now! 8 days is inexcusable!!!! Da&^%T I am MAD!!!!!!!

Abby just woke up for the 4th time, Carrie I am going to need your tricks. She is so happy during the day. Don't know if it is to noisy with me putsing around or if she is just uncomfortable, grieving, bad dreaaaaam??

2 things before i go, one L I hope you are in less pain! hope all went well at the MD, Mom left u a message. two-Big shout out to my ICU buddies! thanks for your nice comments, Sorry I have not been able to post more, hopefully that will change in Guamgou. Also thanks to all of you all for your great support and prayers! It means the world!

Almost 1 am Nite Nite! Love, jenny


Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

Glad everything is going well..
Wish you had your luggage..
Sounds like you have been going to some really neat places...
Take care
Can't wait to see pictures...
Glad L is doing well.

kristie said...

i am not going to say "don't get frustrated." i would be screaming by now about the luggage!!! i know the rewards are so much better than the sacrifice though! i hope you guys get some better sleep coming up. i know how bad it sucks to have that smoke coming through the walls (and i was a smoker for a LONG LONG time). nothing worse than feeling like you live in an ashtray!! other than that sounds like abby is perfect and wonderful!! i am SOOO glad you and abby are bonding w well and that she is such a happy girl. i can't wait to meet her=) hugs and kisses to all... travel safe and get some rest.

Kristen said...

Wow... I just saw yesterday's post. I hope you are feeling better Auntie Laurie.. how horrible, you are in my thoughts.

Jenny, sounds like you are cruising right along, even with the luggage fiasco. You have handled it with grace!!! I hope the rest of your time there goes as well. I am loving all the pictures!!

Truly Blessed said...
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Truly Blessed said...

I know you're tired, and I know that the stresses of this trip are getting to you. But you're enjoying China, aren't you?

You'll have a chance to relax when you get to Guangzhou. I am getting a kick out of all of your creative spellings of the city's name!

Glad to hear Laurie is feeling somewhat better and has a good prognosis.

I'd say don't stress about the luggage but you will anyway, just as I am stressing about STILL not having my I171H from the stupid Dee-troit USCIS.

I hope Abby is just going through a phase with her sleep patterns. Let's hope she settles in soon (as I know how much Mommies need their sleep as well!).

Sorry about the smokey smelling rooms -- that was the ONE thing I never got used to in China. I hated it. Plug in room air freshners helped. You can buy them at the Carrefour store in Guangzhou.

Rina, John & Annalisa said...

It is so comforting to read that Abby is adjusting well. I am reliving our trip to China as I read your commentary.

Annalisa did very well too. She was very active and happy during the day but at night she needed the comfort of my body next to her.

It probably reminds her of her foster parents which likely slept in the same bed vs. the crib reminds her of the SWI for the past two months.

I hope your luggage catches up with you in Guangzhou.

Good luck!

Chinazhoumom said...

A few notes from a been there done that - keep up the airbournne - it really helps - as far as baby sleeping - try running the fan in the bathroom - or white noise on tv -remember the orphanage/foster was not quite - like a hotel room - and keep it colder than you would like - they are used to it - slowly change the temp...of course with all the new smells/food/love/etc - she will be adjusting for a bit! Good luck on the luggage! Oh and how to spell it is:

~ Alison & Mali ~ said...

*Really really* hoping you get your luggage soon. I honestly cannot imagine, you seem to be doing a great job in spite of it all!!

Now that you mentioned it, I see u did indeed fly United (the same airline that messed up our China trip!). I wonder how they even stay in business. They were SO unprofessional (& downright rude at times) with us. I'm so sorry . . .

Abby is just beautiful, glad to hear she's doing so well!

Molly said...

Wow. How exciting jenny. Please call us when you come through Chicago. we would love to come to the airport and see your beautiful baby Abby!! Anna has been wearing her bracelet and loves telling people what it represents. I am also the queen of lost luggage. I have a crown and everything. I can honestly say I have never gone 8days w/o tho.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I can't imagine what you are going through without your luggage. A very quick lesson in flexibility/adaptability I guess. Though you would have had enough of that as it is! It sounds like you are doing a great job and Abby is adjusting well. Best of luck for the rest of your trip. I am really enjoying following along. Thanks for the posts! -Dale LID 5/24/06

Jill, Mike & Maya said...

Oh Auntie Laurie, your poor poor hand!! Hope it's on the mend and doesn't give you too much trouble.
Jenny, 8 days without your own stuff is enough to send anyone over the edge. 8 days without your stuff in China...I can't even imagine!! And your just plugging along..only a nurse...adapt and move on. Great practice for motherhood.
Sounds like your sweet girl is doing great. Things will get better in Guangzhou as far as noise and smoke smells in your room. My BTDT recommendation for the White Swan is to keep the stoppers closed in the bathroom sink and bath tub. It will cut down on the musty smell.
Hoping that you meet up with your long lost luggage soon and that you and Abby get some better sleep!

chloesmama said...

Not having luggage is a bummer, but if everyone stays healthy and happy, that's the big picture. All of that "stuff" can be replaced...Abby is such a little beauty!

You'll like Guangzhou...just relax and enjoy! Go to Jordan's on Shaiman Island (up the street from Lucy's Cafe) for some good shopping where the people leave you alone and let you look at stuff without hovering. :)

Tracy said...

Jen and Abby - I'm a friend of Julie's and have been following along. Brings back many memories of China to my little Muriel! Wish that luggage would show up for you, but know it will make a good story!

Take care and love and live every moment!

Catherine said...

Glad things went well at the DR and hopefully the skin does well and the feeling returns.

Sorry Jenny's still struggling without her luggage. Ugh!!!

Abby is doing so well! Congrats Mommy!!

RoLo said...

Hoping that your had heals soon, thank you for continuing to blog:)

Jenny I am so happy to read about Abbey's progress:) She sounds adorable. I sure hope that you get your luggage soon and some kind of compensation!!!

OziMum said...

haha! I was laughing how you mentioned Guangzhou about 4 times, and spelt it differently every time!!! You are awesome. I still can't believe you have no luggage.
In your first post about no luggage, I was trying to make you feel better... but geezz.... 8 days?!!!

So glad Abby is a happy little camper during the day... sleep is overated anyway, isn't it?!!!

Hope your meds have solved whatever was coming on. Safe travels! GZ is sposed to be a shopping paradise!

Stephe said...

Laurie, I can't believe what you are going through with your hand. I'm definately sending out some prayers for you.

Jenny, I CAN'T BELIEVE you still don't have your luggage. When you get home you'll definately have to write a post called SURVIVING CHINA WITH NO LUGGAGE!! Our packing list challenge blog would love to read that one! Let just hope it doesn't arrive in China when you land in the US!!!! Glad to hear Abby is doing well. She's such a cutie! I can't wait to see more photos. (I've LOVED all the ones you've already shared)...just can't get enough. You know how it is with us "waiting" moms!!! Take Care. :)

Ava Baby said...

They do keep you very busy but you'll be happy later to have visited so many different things while in China. Guangzhou is much more relaxing. We didn't have any scheduled site seeing there other than the Pearl River tour and that was worth seeing. Lots of shopping and definitely more down time. Have fun- you guys are doing great!

Anonymous said...


I hope your hand gets better every day...I can't imagine!

Jenny, it is so wonderful to hearing you so happy with Abby:) You have done well without the luggage..wish I could do something to help it get to you! People are talking about you all the time and so happy for you and Abby!

Love, Randi

Anonymous said...


Everyone in ICU is SO, SO happy for you. We've all be following along and can't wait for you to get back.


Dawn said...

love the pics, so excited for you. the luggage thing is a bummer. take care

Jenna :) said...

ah congratulations on getting abby! i haven't posted b/c all my bookmarks have been erased! but i found you!!

so congrats again!! i'm praying for an easy flight home for you and baby!

Michelle & John said...

After I shared your story about the lost luggage, my hubby has agreed to go carry on only if we can squeese it all in! I'd love to hear your thoughts on what was really needed so we can mark things off our lists! Thanks so much for sharing this with us!