Friday, January 18, 2008

Lots of Pictures and cross your fingers a video!

Hi Blog Buddies!!!!! Aunt Laurie again. Oh my heavens i just love my niece and i think she like me too! O.K....focus. So they miss their connection, stay the night in chicago and get home about noon. When the luggage was picked up the wrong bag was inadvertantly picked up for Jen. So i comment, when we're home, that for someone who had no luggage she sure has a lot of clothes. She comes over to look and lo and behold it's not her luggage. I call the cell number and it's a lady from Wisconsin luggage who is visiting her brother who coincidentally enough has just had a baby. So i set out on the three hour round trip to deliver them their luggage and head back to the airport to retrieve jenny's suitcase (you know...the new one she had to buy in china). I'm thinking i'll just run in and it will be sitting in front of united's office. i get in there and there are three pieces of luggage and none of them are Jennys. i go in the office and talk to (not even a half wit) a quarter wit who says..."it's not here she'll have to file a claim". I am not real happy at this point as i'd much rather be with my niece. So i say "you have got to be kidding's got to be here every other of the 8 pieces of luggage made it here. Are you positive it can't be anywhere else???". To which she replies "you're free to check the back room but there are only two pieces back there and we know who they belong too". So i go back to check...wait for it...........and what do i see but the two suitcases that never made it to china!!!!!!!!!! Now i'm seething. Long story truncated...i won't repeat what i said and mind you i was as nice as i possibly could as i realize yelling at this quarter wit who knows absolutely nothing won't accomplish anything...she say's to me"is that who's this luggage is we've been trying to contact her for days and have attempted to deliver it three times and she's never there and hasn't returned our calls". "SHE WAS IN CHINA FOR TWO WEEKS WITH NO LUGGAGE FOR HER OR HER BABY" i say. "well let her know we did everything we could on our end to track her down and get it to her but she didn't answer". "SHE WAS IN CHINA...THERE WAS NO WAS SHE COULD RESPOND. COULD YOU NOT HAVE LOOKED HER UP TO CHECK HER ITINERARY" i say. "well the baggage ticket say's suzy smith" she says. "YES...THE BAGGAGE TICKET UNITED PUT ON IT SAYS 'SUZY SMITH' BUT DID YOU NOT SEE THE PERSONALIZED LUGGAGE TAG ON IT WITH HER NAME, PHONE NUMER AND ADDRESS ON IT AND NOTICE THE DISCREPANCY" i say. "we thought they were traveling together and just decide to call the number on the tag two days ago". no word about the new luggage yet. so there you have it folks...the brain trusts that are United.


Christopher and Erin with the signs Cousin Virginia and friend Nancy made...


Finally Aunt Laurie meets Abby!!!!

It was so joyful and after all this angel has been through she wasn't the least bit intimated. After returning home from my luggage trip Abby was asleep. Of course she was exhausted it was her night time. Uncle Chris, Christopher, & Erin headed home and Jenny and I got down to unpacking and organizing. Abby woke up at 9pm and we all played. Here she is trying to help me post last night...

Jenny went to bed around 11:30pm and shut her door. Abby and I played some more than i fed her her bottle and she went to sleep about 1am. I set her up on the floor and laid next to her and she slept until 6:30am! We got up and she had her bottle and breakfast than we went to Hardees so i could get coffee. She loved the ride! I woke up Jen at 9:30 so i could go get Christopher and Erin.

I snuck into Jenny's room after Abby fell asleep and got this picture of Jenny out cold!! Her and Abby both have bad colds. Cassie (who was asleep on her chest until i came in) and Quackers were sooooo happy to see their mommy!! Quackers laid on the luggage as if to say "you're not using this again!" Oh....and she went pee pee in her litterbox!
Here is miss Abigale last night...enjoy!!!!!!!


Special K said...

LOVE the video!!
She's just absolutely adorable.
I can't believe she's home with her momma where she belongs. I guess this whole China adoption thing does actually come to an end at some point. LOL!

kristie said...

Too funny about the luggage. Remind me why Jenny bothered to pack again?? I am so happy miss abby is transitioning so well. she is way too cute and is obviously a mommy's girl=) kisses abby and Jen. welcome home finally.

Kelley said...

Adorable!!! I just love happy homecomings! (Although there really should be some way to work out that whole luggage mess...geez!)

OziMum said...

Absolutely gorgeous video! Jenny, you are a legend. Ah! The Luggage?!! What a big pain in the butt!!!

So what's the moral of this story... carry on only ~ make sure it's WELL LABELLED?!!!

((hugs)) to you,my friend! You are a fantasic Mummy (and I LOVE Abby's outfit!)

Eileen said...

Welcome home Jenny and Abby!

Shannon said...

She is the CUTEST!!! What wonderful pictures!! Love how the whole family showed up at the airport. The video is precious! Tell Jenny that I hope she overcomes the jet lag soon!
The luggage story is jaw is still on the ground.

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

LOVE the pictures and the video..
Just made me cry and realize it is soooo real..
Can not wait.. this is amazing..
I am sooo happy for you both..
NOW .. the luggage ordeal..
I am feeling your pain.. that is CRAZY..
Have a Great Weekend..

Chris & Deb said...

What a story about the luggage!!! Truly amazing!! The video is so adorable. Abby is just precious!! Thanks for posting the video and all of the cute pictures Aunt Laurie!

Karen said...

What a sweet little girl!! Abby is so precious.

Chinazhoumom said...

I sware we are connected somehow - I had an awful- no try again AWFUL trip home as well - of course you have me trumped - IN A BIG WAY - with NO luggage! but when you come up for air - and need a laugh - ck this story out...

Your daughter is BEAUTIFUL - welcome home precious gift!
Carol in FL

Kristen said...


I hope you both get over your colds and jet lag quickly!! LOVE the Video and Homecoming pictures!!

Julie said...

Aunt Laurie you seriously rock. Everyone should have their own Aunt Laurie.

Jenny and Abby - WELCOME HOME!

~ Alison & Mali ~ said...

WELCOME HOME!! I remember how good it felt to be back! & to think, this is just the beginning =)

Abby is just adorable. I have a hard time convincing myself that Mali was once that little . . . they grown SO fast.

Just can't believe United (well, ok - I CAN).

Happy time re-adjusting!

Gail said...

OK! What a bunch of dummies United hires. Great. That's the airline my agency uses when booking travel to China.

Welcome Home Jenny and Abby!
Jet lag sucks. I swear it took me a MONTH to get back to feeling normal. Get as much rest as you can.

The video is great!! Thanks for sharing! Love Abby's giggle. : )

And last but not least...So happy kitty did "pee-pee"!!

Joannah said...

She's precious! What a cutie.

Welcome home everybody!!!

eggrolls and chopsticks said...

Oh my gosh, Miss Abbey is just so sweet and lovely. Welcome home Mummy and daughter.

As for the luggage I am going to zip it cos I don't have anything nice to say.

Two Kayaks said...

So sweet, Jenny!

I am so very happy for you. Like, really happy for you and can feel the love that you have for Abby through my monitor. Glad I can come here for a whole lotta cuteness every now and then. :)

Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

Holy cow.. I can't believe that luggage story. Seriously, she should get a couple of free tickets for this.. Not only did they lose her luggage for China.. they never got it to her. Then, they freaking lose her luggage a second time. Geez!!! Gotta love United!

So glad she is home and has a wonderful Aunt Laurie to help her out while she recooperates a little. Those first couple weeks home are He** let me tell you.

Welcome Home Jenny and Abby!!!

Truly Blessed said...

I cannot believe the luggage story. You poor thing!

So glad they're home safely!

Anonymous said...

Welcome home & Congratulations.
Abby is Q-T!!!!

i-Con said...

Love the pics and video. I want to see a photo of mama and Abby grinning it up together :0)

Susan & Matt said...

Welcome Home.... Now you are probablly wondering how life was without her. Abby is so cute and happy.