Friday, January 25, 2008

Happy Thursday

Well after 2 nights of moderate sleep (last nights patern much like the night before) my daughter has decided not to sleep tonight. Hence the late Thursday post.

Abby continues to blossom each day. I am having such a good tume with her! The days are flying by too. below some pictures :)

Lunch taken with her usual gusto!

The only way she would nap yesterday. She is in her PJ's post after lunch bath with the shivers.


She l;oves her Uncle Pete!

dropping the crib with help from little miss :0

Just plain adorable! Man I love her!


laurie said...

she's so freaking cute! Sorry about the sleeping thing. Love ya-smooches to my girlie! Auntie Laurie

Chinazhoumom said...

Best way to insure at least some sleep if to wear them out - go outeveryday - even if to Target (if too cold etc) and let them "run around".. Works like a charm-the times K would take longer to sleep was when we stayed around the house all day..
Good Luck - this too shall pass.
Carol in FL

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

Abby is soooo cute...
Hope she starts sleeping for you..
Love the pictures..
Hope today is better..
Have a Great Weekend..

Sandwitchedin said...

She is absolutely beautiful!!! Abby is so full of life.

Love to everyone.

Catherine said...

What a cutie! It's great to hear that your schedule is beginning to settle a little. Sweet, sweet sleep!

krj said...

Man she is SO cute!! Thanks for keeping us updated. Hope she sleeps through the night SOON!

Liene said...

I just got some time to check up on your blog after weeks of not reading most blogs :(

She is so freaking cute!!!! You could just eat her with a spoon! I can't wait for my turn but I'm so far behind you that I'll be lucky to see a referral before 2010.

Dawn said...

she is awesome. i love looking at all the pics. you both are so lucky

OziMum said...

So what does she think of her new cot (crib)?!

Abby is just the cutest little girl!!

Eliza2006 said...

Oh my goodness, the messy food face brings back such memories! She really is so darn cute!


eggrolls and chopsticks said...

Is it legal to be that cute?

I love the foodie photos.
Ain't love grand.

Kudo said...

I wouldn’t what to sleep either with all the fun and exciting new things in life to explore. Can't blame her at all.

Truly Blessed said...

Oh the mess in that first picture!

What a doll she is...gotta love being a Mom!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to take some pictures with the Momma in it. Motherhood is so wonderful, isn't it?