Wednesday, January 02, 2008

And they're off! Well, almost...

Hi blog buddies!!! Always wanted to say that-HUGE Ross Matthews fan. First things first. This is Laurie (aka Abby's Aunt Laurie-not to be confused with the original Aunt Laurie, who is Jenny and I's aunt and who I was named after!-; Jenny's sister; and Erin & Christopher & Pete the dog's mom). Jenny will do her best to post, but i will be stepping up to the plate when necessary. You'll know it's me when it starts with...wait for it..."Hi blog buddies!!"

Just spoke with Jenny at about 7pm. Unfortunately Jenny, Meema, & Da are still in Norfolk (their departure airport). Their flight to Chicago was delayed, but they're anticipating taking off soon and arriving in Chicago in time for their 1am departure to Korea (i think that's it). So...will update as their travel progresses.

Jenny wants to apologize to all of you for not posting herself before she left (are you freaking kidding me-hello...a little busy!!) She had all intention of doing so but time got away from her. She also wanted me to thank all of you for all of the love, kind words, generousity, advice (you name it, you've provided it for her) and support you've all given her through out this entire process and especially now. Truly there are no words. This blogging family is unmatched!!

I can't believe she's on her way to get her (our!!!) Abby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The excitement is uncontainable in our house. Erin and Christopher are besides themselves in anticipation of meeting their beloved Abby.

Stay tuned for updates. I asked her to text me when they were leaving chicago so i could be sure they're off and running!!!


daisy said...

Thank you all for taking on the blog, We are all excited. The original Aunt Laurie, aka Daisy.

Mom2Boober-Do said...

Korea? Please tell me you meant China :O) Glad they are on their way at last and so glad we have you to keep us posted!!

Catherine said...

Thanks for the update Laurie! Hope Jenny's plane was able to take off in time to meet their connection.

YEAH....she's on her way to Abby!!!!!!!!

eggrolls and chopsticks said...

Thank you for posting. We can't wait to see the photos of the 2 of them together.

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

Thank you sooo much for keeping us updated on everything..
We will be checking non-stop...
Can't wait to see Abby in her arms...

Shannon said...

OMG...ORF for hours on end? They're likely to go crazy before they even have to endure the longest flight evah!!
Sooo happy that they're inching closer though!

Hi to Erin! =)
(and Christopher & Pete too, of course!)
I'm wearing my red bracelet as I'm sure you all are too!

Special K said...

Yay Jenny! I'm so excited for her.
And I think we all completely understand her inability to blog before she left.
I mean ....seriously. She wasn't even finished packing last time she posted, right? Crazy woman.

kristie said...

Slacker!! kidding of course. hope jenny, meema and da took all their ambien... who could sleep (esp. on a plane) at a time like this???? hope the next leg(s) go better than the first!!! fingers, toes and everything else crossed!!!

Sandwitchedin said...

Thanks Laurie for filling in. You can't imagine the excitement in Central New York as well!!!

I wasn't really expecting another post before you left Jenny, but I still checked ;-) every 2 hours or so.

You were all in my thoughts yesterday as I'm sure the last minute checks were gone over numerous times.

Love you all.

Aunt Debbie - sister-in-law to the original Laurie (Daisy)and aunt to Laurie the fill in blogger.

Michelle & John said...

WooHoo!!! Can't wait to see you and Abby together!!!