Tuesday, January 08, 2008

A whole bunch of news & updates from Jen!!!!

Okay it is 130 am China Time. Little girl has already woken up twice tonight crying. I think the crib is very uncomfortable so I just moved the beds around and put her in my bed.

She had a awesome day! No tears this morning, very happy, laughs and giggle but appears very attached to me :) Ate wonderfully today and had 2 poops!!!!!

First bath last night went very well. I put her in the plastic tub the hotel provides. She loved it but once I took her out she started shaking like crazy and lips teeth chattering! Freaked me out, gave her a hot bottle and wrapped her up and she settled down. Anyone elses child do this? It really scared me! Tonight I bathed her in the sink! She again loved it! I was better prepared and had a bottle ready and towel so minimal shaking :)

She just gets cuter and cuter! Tonight we went to the hotel play room, kinda yucky and had a ball pit, 1 walker, some plastic ride on toys, everything was kind of dirty. Abby1 and Abby 2 play so sweetly together. They share there toys with each other and swap back and forth. They are adorable! I could not have asked for a better family to travel with! Abby 2s MOm and Dad are wonderful! So we put Abby 2 into the walker first and Abby1 hung on to the front. Abby 2 didnt really walk but enjoyed playing in it! She is so sweet! Then we put Abby 1 in the walker and were hanging out on the floor. All of a sudden she just took off sideways and I mean fast! She had a smirk on her face and reminded me of a crab when they go sideways :) Once she did that she ran and giggled! Adorable! Must video tomorrow! There are several game rooms around the play room so there were several card games going on. Abby kept going in one of the rooms and I guess the men were annoyed because the next time we went by they had taken the hot pot and blocked the door.

Back tracking to what we have been up to, Monday morning we went back to the civil affairs office and were interviewed, Had our family picture and got our redbook! Also went to the notary and answered his questions then went to another place and they just had to see her and take another picture.

Then back to the hotel for lunch then onto wallmart where I bought a few things. Neat experience, We were not allowed to take pictures but Abby 2's Daddy snuck a cute one of the girls in the shopping carts. Both did not mind at all :)

Then we hung out and had room service last night.

This am we met in the lobby had breakfast then went to the Peoples Park. BEAUTIFUL! Very cool, wonderful!! I can not say enough how cool Nanchang is! It is like true China, Beijing was more modern. Then we went and had the best lunch! The girls sat in there highchairs and did great.Abby ate a lot! Both girls were attempting to use chopsticks. Abby 2 is really good! Then we walked to a pedestrian mall and I shopped away! Looks like my luggage may be gone forever! So I bought a lot! It was fun! I also passed the clothing police test today :) then we came back and I and Abby2s family were too tired to go to dinner so Mom and Hugh went and tried for Peiking Duck but they were out. They brought us some great left overs back.

I am hoping I am loosing weight, I hardly eat cause I want all my time for little girl :)

So it is now day 6 with NO LUGGAGE! Every day we hear a new answer......I dont think they will be found :( As you know I can't take pictures per a dead camera battery. My dad is trying to send his to me-9 fingers crossed that works out!)

Anyhoo I look pretty rough! Tomorrow we are to go to the Nanchang pavilion but I may pass on that since I am still up.

The people across the hall are smoking, it is coming in my room. This is a non smoking floor too. At lest they are quiet now, not the case all night!

I am falling asleep so will send this now! .. Much love and support!!! Thanks too you all for your thoughtful comments! Thanks to Auntie Laurie too for the blog action!
Sorry for the typos, I am too tired to spell check.


Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

So glad you are doing well..
Sounds like you have been busy...
Hope they find your luggage...
Glad that Abby is doing well.. and having #2's ...(that is suppose to be a great sign...)
Take care and get some rest...
Hugs to you

Chinazhoumom said...

Go buy a NEW CAMERA!!! NOW -- take the pics - you will regret it -otherwise!!!Digital cameras are not too expensive in Carrefour or the like..
Good luck!!

Kim said...

I am sorry about your luggage but it sounds like you are having a great time! :) I am very happy for both of you :)

Chris & Deb said...

So great to hear that you are doing so well Jenny.....outside of the luggage!

Truly Blessed said...

Jenny & Abby (& Abby's entourage),

Go and buy a camera, for goodness sake! How many times do you plan to be in China with your NEW daughter? At the very least, get that video camera going and record everthing!

Lest you think these suggestions are coming because I'm anxious to see pictures, that's not the reason at all. YOU will want these pictures and you will look at them often! Abby will need them someday. Seriously, go and buy a camera!

So glad things are going well with Abby. How great that your travel mate family is a good one and you enjoy spending time with them. How sweet that Abby1 & Abby2 are such good pals.

If you don't go on the excursion today -- get thee to a Giant Walmart and buy a camera!

Have a wonderful day!

meemaw's Journeys said...

She's beauiful, I am so happy for your family. Our grandson's gotha day is today 1 year! I have been follow your story for a while and so glad you finally have your little girl.

Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

UGH.. I'm so sorry they have not found your luggage yet. However, it does go to show that you can make it through China with very little. (if you HAVE to) As luck would have it, you'll probably end up with your luggage in Guangzhou. :0( But, atleast you will know where it is.
So glad you have a wonderful family to be traveling with.

With regards to the shaking etc after the bath.. yes, our daughter did the same thing and turned a little blue too. With her having heart issues, you can imagine how freaked out i was about that!! To this day, she gets chilled VERY easily.

kristie said...

hey jenny! so happy that everything is going so well. you and abby are in our constant thoughts. sorry that your luggage is still mia.. all that stressing over the packing list... yikes! we are all loving the updated and pictures. get a camera, jenny. or a power cord?? do they sell american voltages there?? use meema's camera. do what it takes to document this experience. i know you want to!! it will be good for abby one day too! love you tons and can't wait for each update... kiss that little girl from me=)

Rina, John & Annalisa said...

I'm having a deja vue!

Annalisa, LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the walker and zipped sideways and backward in it just like you described with Abby.

You must send pictures of the Abby's together.

mimifrancoise said...

When we went to get the 2nd granddaughter from China our luggage was missing for 4 days. We made do!
When my daughter came home from China (after being there for one semester) one suitcase was missing for 10 days but was eventually found...so there is hope for your missing luggage.
Love to see your cute daughter. Buy a camera you will be glad to have photos later.

RoLo said...

Enjoying all the updates, I am so happy for you both, after following your journey for so long it is lovely to finally see her in your arms. I am hoping they find your luggage soon.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for updating us, I know you are very busy....

Abby is beautiful and I am so glad the adjustment is going well. Love the crab story! Too cute...

Enjoy every moment my friend!


Anonymous said...

I am so glad everything with Abby is working out. She is so beautiful and seems so sweet and fun. You are a natural. I told you those instincts would kick right in!

I agree to buy yourself a camera. You will be so happy to have lots of photos.

I remember the yucky smoking too. It is hard to get away from.

Isn't the food delicious! We are approaching our 1 year anniversary of "Gotcha" Day and I am really missing China. Take it all in. I agree, Nanchang is such a cool place.

Hope your luggage gets there. Maybe you can get a free flight out of it!

Can''t wait to see more photos with your new camera!

Lisa in Denver

Anonymous said...


Abby is sooooooooo very beautiful. I love her. I have been shopping (not for clothes, I might add)!!!
You look so very happy and words cannot describe how it makes me feel to see the photos of both of you together.
Enjoy your time in China with Abby and your family.
Hugs and kisses........Love you both, Lynda

Coco said...

I am a fellow Jiangxi mom - home Nov 2006. I've been following your journey and re-living ours! Abby is just beautiful. I noticed your mention of Sissy and then recognized her in a picture as "our" Sissy too! She was wonderful and even took us on an unplanned trip to her daughter's school! Unfortunately she probably wouldn't remember us anymore! Try to get some rest when you can and enjoy the rest of your trip!
Coco (Paige's mommy)

Lisa and Tate said...

You have such a great attitude about the lost luggage! Thank you so much for posting about what is going on! I agree, go get a camera and go crazy snapping away! It sounds like Abby is doing fabulously and mommyhood suits you!

OziMum said...

Oh.my.goodness... still no luggage? That is woeful! I hope you get it very soon. I wonder if you could find a disposable camera or two?

Sounds like Abby is just heaven on earth! So glad you are both having such a great time!

Shannon said...

I just love reading your comments! Sounds as if you are both adjusting very well and that love is all around! So glad you passed today with the clothing police! Tee-hee!

daisy said...

Jenny, Abby is being introduced to evryone i know in Central New York, Love OL Daisy