Saturday, January 19, 2008

It's Me!

The princess is sleeping so I thought I would post real quick. I am having so much fun with her!!! I love her! We are both sick, but she is much better now, still snotty but no longer green. Never did have to start her on an antibiotic. She is eating great. I am still taking levaquin for this chest cold upper respiratory thing. That and the jet lag are killing me. They are not pulling your leg when they say it is a killer. Thank Goodness for Auntie L!!! She spent the night again last night. Abby loves her too :) My phone seems like it has been ringing off the hook, If I don't answer please don't be offended. I will get back to you but Abby and I are still sleep deprived and getting into our groove so it might be a while.

I know your all sick of hearing about my luggage saga but here is the latest. They called today and said my bag had never left Chicago.They claim one of the tags fell off of it. What are the chances??? I am relieved to know it is there tho. I was afraid that someone had taken it. I had the tea set I had purchased from Abby's province in there plus some other special purchases that I thought were gone. They say my luggage will arrive in Norfolk at 1430 today. And that they should call me when it gets here and tell ME when it will be delivered. Its now 1531 and I have yet to hear from them.....

We are on winter storm watch, It has been a mix all day but now all snow. We might get up to 4 inches. I love snow so am excited. Don't think Abby will get to play in it tho. It is for casted to go down to the 20's tonight.

Quackers seems to be hanging n there. I found out she has been peeing but unfortunately it was in my living room behind the TV! Looks like I will have to get new carpet. Guess she was pretty mad at me. She is eating and drinking fine, fur is shiny, eyes look bright, nose cold etc but still acting freaky. I may still take her to the vet on Monday but I hate to pay a lot of money that I don't have for all of the tests they would run just to find out her nose is out of joint. My bedroom cat is great tho. She actually came out 3 times on her own last night. A big step for her :0

Some of you may remember that I have been on the wait list for daycare for almost 2 years. Guess what? They called multiple times while I was in China to tell me they had a spot. I called them Fri and they told me it was given to someone else since they had not heard from me??? Makes me mad cause I had called them before I left to tell them I still was waiting and was soon to go to China for Abby.

I will post more later on. It is so good to be home! Thank you all for all of your encouraging comments and well wishes!!!! Enjoy the videos :)




Truly Blessed said...

Katie and I sat and watched all four videos -- Katie kept saying "Baby" and clapped and waved when Abby was prompted. She was uncharacteristically still the entire time, and didn't even try to touch the computer while she watched.

I am so mad for you about the daycare spot AND the luggage sitting in Chicago. What is WRONG with people? What part of "I'M IN CHINA FOR TWO WEEKS" don't people understand? Geesh.

Anyway, SO glad you're back safely and I know jet-lag is a killer. Two weeks...that's all (seems like a lot, but not so long in the grand scheme of things) you'll be on your old schedule in two weeks.

Abby is a darling girl. She makes me miss my sweet Ella all the more!

Kelley said...

I am mad for you, too! I am hoping that the luggage situation, and especially the daycare situation work out well. Abby is a darling!

Be sure to take care of yourself...use and abuse sweet Aunt Laurie so that you can get well.

i-Con said...

Smoochalicious! I am in love. I gotta say, after watching those videos it makes that luggage seem like no big deal.

i-Con said...

But, the daycare thing still whacks me off ;0)!

Gail said...

Love the videos. Abby is so cute!
So sorry to hear about the daycare. I hope you are still at the top of the list!
Jet Lag is terrible. It does take awhile so rest when you can.

Kitty may have a UTI or something.
To all of a sudden start peeing on your rug? Or maybe diabetic. Thats how a friend of mine found out about her cat, she started peeing on the bathroom rug, once the blood sugar was normal the peeing on the rug stopped.

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

Love the video's...
So glad that you are doing great...
Abby is sooo adorable..
Have a Great Weekend..

Sandra said...

What a cutie!!! Welcome home and congratulations. You are one blessed mama :-)

Lisa and Tate said...

So cute!!! Having a blue moment and saw pictures and video... feel so much more hopeful now-thanks!!


Eliza2006 said...

Awww, such cute videos. Eliza had that same outfit in the middle video...they grow up so darn fast!


Shannon said...

Jenny! Abby is such a darling! Patting her belly and waving goodbye...such a sweetheart!
Total grrr for daycare & luggage situation. Hope things get sorted soon. Gotta go and watch the videos again! =)