Tuesday, January 22, 2008


We are still figuring out the sleep thing. (I meant to post this yesterday but you know how that goes) The date on my camera is wrong too but I am too tired to change it. Anyhoo, Auntie L, CJ, and Erin spent the night with us last night again! Miss Abigale had her first night out that night as we went to Uncle Hughie's and Aunt Elizabeth's to celebrate my Mom's belated BD and Hughie's belated BD, Elizabeth's Mom's belated BD, and CJ's upcoming BD! Abby had fun (Pictures to come) and fell asleep in my arms right at evenings end. She slept in her car seat and went to bed around 9pm. At 1230 am, yep she was up! Auntie Laurie and Erin stayed up with her and played while I went to back to bed. At 2am I heard her crying and got up and relieved Auntie L. She went to sleep but Erin stayed up and helped me entertain little night owl. Finally around 330 am she went back down and slept til 645 am.

Erin and Abby in her room at ??? AM.
Kitchen fun!A late night snack!
More bedroom play :)

Tired Auntie L

CJ slept through it all (Lucky dog!)

Quackers wondering what is up?

What a trooper and such a great Helper! Thank you Sissy!

The aftermath.....

Thanks Auntie l and CJ and E!!! Once again you came to my rescue! Love you guys!!!! Love the giggle video too :)
P.S. Sorry about all of the typos and misspellings in the last post! I was oh so tired :)
AND THANK YOU also for all of your encouraging comments and confessions in regards to Abby's fall off the bed. You really made me feel better. I am slowly catching up on everybodys blogs too. Sorry I havent commented tho. In due time :)


Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

Looks like little Abby wants everyone to play with her...
Hope the sleeping starts to get better..
but you haven't been home very long..
She will start sleeping soon..
Hugs to you ..
Love the room after done playing....

Nancy Clements said...

Oh my gosh, I cant wait to see her and you together. She is everything I imagined Jenny. Adorable, Adorable. Call me when you want company. I dont want to interrupt nap time. Love, Nancy
CONFESSION:Kelsey was my early raiser and I brought her into the bed...I fell back asleep and she did not. She decided to make this the first time she rolled over. But she was on the floor. Tears from both of us. Next time the floor was covered in pillows.

krj said...

That lack of sleep thing scares me the most! And I have no family in town, darn it. :O)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like she has her days and nights confused. When we brought Luke home from Russia it was a 12 hour time difference. He wanted to play in the middle of the night. They had a strick schedule at the orphanage. He naped at 10am, 2pm and bedtime at 7pm (mind you he was 9 1/2 months old). We always put him in his crib in his room. If he saw us it was all over! I kept to the schedule and he was sleeping through the night in no time. After he turned one we went to one nap after lunch. It may have been that Luke was just a good sleeper and that my schedule had nothing to do with it? Even to this day if he goes to bed later than his bed time, he actually wakes up more and still gets up at the same time in the am.
Anyway, Abbys body clock is probably thinking nightime is naptime? Good luck....


Shannon said...

You have a full crew helping you out, thank goodness! Let me know if they are for hire next year! By the way, E. will sure make a great babysitter! Looks like A & E will be great friends. =)

Lisa and Tate said...

You have such a nice family! Thank you for keeping us (me) updated on the happenings... I love to live vicariously thru Abby and you.